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Dec 25, 2014

You know it's Christmas When a cosplaying priest and a child hating nun have to chase a grifting orphan through an airport to get a bag full of embezzled sausage cash.


It must be fiasco!

Dec 18, 2014

Listen to all of our fantastic and fake awards for this year's list of things that we just made up!

It's the 23rd annual Play better Edition of the Playbees!

It's so magical, and so utterly farcical.


Dec 11, 2014

We talk about the new 5th edition Dungeon Masters Guide while talking about why it's great to master dungeons. We also hint at cool stuff coming up in the future!

Dec 5, 2014

We bring on special guest Paul Butler from Games and Stuff to talk about this years picks for holiday gift buying!

Nov 27, 2014

We do what any good nerd does on thanksgiving, we talk about Star Wars!